free form biomorphic structures
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Name : Fredrick
Date : 14/01/2008
Comment : This web site is very useful in informing how the various disciplines can work together to develop new forms I was very pleased to find it and i congratulate you on your work.
Name : Filip Taleski
Date : 22/11/2006
Comment : I'm just at the beggining of structural engineering and I was thrilled when I found out this site. It's possibly the very begining of my "dream". Really guys what you are doing is something I want to do in my future. You really consider structural engineering as something different than technical science. p.s. Do you have any additional info on this subject? If you do please mail it to me. Thanks in advance
Name : Eric Amoakwa-Boadu
Date : 29/09/2006
Comment : David, the site is splendid and very informing. Without your constructive criticisms this research wouldn't have been this successful. Regards to the whole team.
Name : Dermot
Date : 25/09/2006
Comment : Been looking at your website for biomorphic structures. Am interested in the research and the final form that you produced. Was interesting, and would like to understand it more. The first few animations don't quite help with this which is a shame.
Name : elle
Date : 21/08/2006
Comment : Hi, I am a Part 1 Architecture student and I came across your website and I was really impressed by the research you have done. The graphics are very sexy too!!
Name : James Pearce
Date : 15/08/2006
Comment : David - enjoyed the website, slick presentation and shows how to produce organic shaped structure (which I was grappling with yesterday). morph on.