free form biomorphic structures

FEA analysis 3 [2.43]

Mesh Generation
Correcting Errors Within The Mesh
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6 Mesh Generation.
At this stage the Finite Element (FE) mesh is generated to be carried out. This takes a few minutes to generate and upon completion a Structure Verification dialogue box pops up to confirm that there are no errors or warnings with the generated mash and alerts you if there are any.

7 Correcting Errors Within the Mesh.
A problem that arises when the sections are assigned to the bars/elements is that they "twist" at curves and do not face the desired plane. This must be corrected by examining the model and altering the orientation of the elements that are twisted.

When errors occur, the Structure Verification dialogue box displays the type of error (normally, incoherent mesh on the edges), the number of errors and the number of warnings. These must be corrected using the mesh refinement command.