free form biomorphic structures

FEA analysis 1 [2.41]

Importing .DXF
Modifying .DXF
Modifying .DXF
Defining Panels
Defining Panels
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1. Importing .DXF
The polyines are imported as a .DXF file into Robot Millennium, a Finite Element Analysis software where the component parts, ribs and spars are designed based on stress analysis. It is important to scale the model at this stage to the desired size before any analysis is carried out.

2. Modifying the .DXF
A common problem that arises when the .dxf file is imported into Robot is that the polylines are tessellated into line segments that are staggered so some of them do not touch at intersections to form a common node. To solve this each section with an intersection is examined and fixed separately as shown in the two images above.

3. Defining Panels
Panels/cladding are the defined within the structure. It is recommended that the panels are put on section by section to enable accurate selection of the internal point of the panel/opening.

The main reason for putting panels/cladding on is to enable us to generate a finite element mesh on which loads can be put and structural analysis can be performed.