free form biomorphic structures

FEA analysis [2.4]

The polylines are imported into Robot Millennium a Finite Element Analysis software package where component parts, such as ribs and spars, are designed based on stress analysis.

Robot Millennium.

The software package is a graphical user interface which allows structural elements and shapes to be imported for analysis. A mathematical model is created of the structure (FEA) and the solution of simultaneous equations from each element provides the output with regards to deflection, stress etc...

FEA uses a system of points called nodes which make a grid called a mesh. This mesh is programmed to contain the material and structural properties which define how the structure will react to certain loading conditions. Nodes can be assigned at a certain density throughout the material depending on the anticipated stress levels of a particular area. Regions which will receive large amounts of stress usually have a higher node density than those which experience little or no stress.

The mesh acts like a spider web in that from each node, there extends a mesh element to each of the adjacent nodes. This web of vectors is what carries the material properties to the object, creating many elements.

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FEA Analyis Input

Input: Polylines are imported as a *.dxf into Robot.

FEA Analyis Output

Output: Color guide to different sections attributed to bars.